NASCAR – SPC14 Attendee Party

I realise that i’m out in the US on business, but when there is a FREE party as part of the package, you can’t complain.

The party in question was at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway which is most commonly used for NASCAR.

Leaving the hotel by coach, we headed out to the speedway, and upon arrival were immediately given the opportunity to have a ‘ride round’ the track. Not in NASCARs unfortunately, but in some normal ‘stock’ Mercedes E-Classes.

Still, who would say no to that!
We only got 1 lap round, but it was still an experience that most would never get.

After the ride round, we walked round the speedway to see what else was on offer. In short we had:

    • As much free food and drink as we could manage
    • A live rock tribute band (which were actually pretty good)
    • A garage full of supercars to look at
    • A Ferrari F430 that we could have our photo taken with
    • and some more stuff I didn’t look at

All told, a good night out, for free which was well needed by all.

Having to be in a session at 9am the following morning though, not so good!

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