First experience of Git in Team Foundation Server

As part of our expansion plans we recently moved all of our Source control into Visual Studio Online and moved to Git.

Up until this point I had rarely worked with any source control and was a little sceptical about how easy it would be to use.

I run Visual Studio 2013 on my desktops and laptops, so getting into TFS (Team Foundation Server) wasn’t difficult. I’d not used Git before, so needed to install that on my clients, and was recommend Tortoise Git as a UI to help me manage it.

Most of our development is actually done outside of Visual Studio, but I did use Visual Studio to help me set-up the repositories as it seemed easier and was a familiar interface.

Since that point, I have been using git to manage a number of repositories, which coupled with some new PowerShell scripts, keep all my releases up to date.

It has also meant that I can work on files from more than one place at once and only commit them when I’m ready, so I┬ácan play around with things, and roll them back with ease if I don’t like it.

All told, I’m still very much a novice with Git, but I have grown to like it over the past couple of months, and expect to be using it quite a lot over the coming years.

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