Salamander Active Directory – MIS Compatibility

Most of our customers know that we can work with Sims, Facility CMIS and some other MIS systems, but did you know that Salamander Active Directory can currently work with over 10 different MIS systems?

Supported MIS systems

We currently (July 2014) support these MIS systems: by Capita
Facility CMIS by Advanced Learning
Progresso by Advanced Learning
Engage by Double First
Integris G2 by RM
Pass by WCBS
Phoenix Gold

Currently, not all of Salamander Active Directories features are not supported in every MIS System, but we will always endeavour to develop the features required for your environment.

We are always looking into how we can improve our products, and provide additional support for MIS systems. If you are interested in a feature or MIS system that we don’t current support, please do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to support your requirements.

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