Camping Season is here!

Easter Weekend marked the beginning of the Camping Season for many, and for me, was the first real opportunity of the year to get out and play in the woods. I’ve had a couple of little camping trips this year, but it has also been a busy few months, so it’s been difficult to get out and play.

First trip out
The first trip out was not too extravagant, infact, it was more of a kit check after the winter, camping in the woods just a few hundred yards from the house.


After a night of making fire, eating burgers and generally playing around, I think I could call the first trip out a success. Next time, ill be getting the Dutch oven out, and being a bit more adventurous with the food.

New Skillet
Unfortunately, my new Skillet didn’t arrive in time for this trip. Its currently on its second run through the oven being seasoned ready for the next trip. It’s only a small 8.5″ skillet, which might sound tiny, but its just the right size to fit on my wood stove at home too, so its a bit of a compromise.

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