Lego Mindstorms

Since I moved house, I’ve been meaning to get my Lego Mindstorms set out for a bit of a play, but have only just got round to it.

The set I have is the NXT 2.0 Education Base Set¬†and it’s really quite good. Its old hat now with the EV3 systems, but I can’t bring myself to lay down the cash for that.

The NXT 2.0 Base set though still have enough stuff to get started with a decent robot. You get an 3 motors, an ultrasonic sensor, 2 touch sensors, 1 light sensor and a sound sensor (which my kit is sadly missing), so the opportunities for playing are actually quite good.

Building my first bot
I’ve decided to keep it simple for now and have just built the basic kit as per the destructions. Quite quickly I found my self with a working bot, which was good. Now I just needed to get a couple of sensors hooked up and get it programmed to do some stuff.


Once I’d got my bot built, I needed to get it programmed and set-up. I put the software on my desktop and had a bit of a play. Within a few minutes, I had it whirring round the office, and responding to light input.

So far, so good…

What’s Next?
Now I just need to find the time to have a play with it properly, and see how much I can get it to do. I’m yet to find a design that will allow it to wake me up with a fresh cup of tea in the morning, but i’ll figure something out.

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