Active Directory Advanced Mode

As a domain or enterprise administrator, you’d like to think that opening Active Directory users and computers (ADUC) will give you all the access you could ever need.

Well, you’d be wrong. Some of the features you may need are hidden away in ‘Advanced Features’

These include:

  • Access to the ‘object’, ‘security’ and ‘Attribute Editor’ tabs
  • The revealing of some hidden containers (including Lost and Found and System)

Enabling ‘Advanced Features’
The Advanced Features option is easy to find, as its a check box under ‘view’


Do I need it?
The answer here is possibly, but once you’ve used it, you’ll want it on everywhere you look. The features i use the most in Active Directory are the Attribute Editor and the Object tab.

Here’s why:

Object Tab
The object tab is great for looking at when a user was created/modified or using the ‘Prevent object from Accidental deletion’ check

Attribute Editor
As someone who works with Active Directory every day, I use the Attribute Editor more than most. Firstly, its great for finding out what attributes are really called, and what’s really in them.

I also use it extensively to store data that I need in Active Directory, but I don’t want to put in a field that anyone can see.


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