Yammer? What’s it all about?

Since Yammer was added to our office 365 package, we’ve been using it internally at work and I’ve been thinking about how our customers might be able to utilise it in the future.

What is it?
Yammer is being billed as the ‘Enterprise Social Network’. It’s use has a familiar feel, and students and staff alike will have no difficulty in picking it up. Much like Facebook, there is a newsfeed, but this is much more than that. Yammer is also great for sharing files between co-workers, and having discussions in groups.

So, how much will it cost me?
The good news here is that if you are an Education institution using Office 365, the answer will be nothing.

From April 1st 2014, Microsoft are adding Yammer Enterprise to all of the Office 365 Education plans (A2,A3 and A4)

How might we use it?
Initially, you might think that this is just a gimmick, another toy for people to use with very little useful points. I know I did.

However, after spending some time using it, and thinking about it, I’m confident that there will be a future for Yammer in Education.

In a similar way to Facebook, Yammer supports groups, which allows people to communicate and collaborate on specific topics, or even class by class.

Imagine if each class had a Yammer group where they could share ideas and chat about work, from anywhere.

If your using SharePoint, you can also embed the feed from a group in the class site, and collaborate directly through that, in effect adding to your SharePoint environment.

There are also plans to integrate Office Web Apps with Yammer too, so your staff and pupils could collaborate directly on documents directly from the document itself.

Use it from anywhere
As yammer is part of Office 365, there are many apps available for almost every device and platform, allowing users to collaborate from wherever they are, using whatever they already have. No extra hardware required.

In short, there is a lot more to Yammer than meets the eye, and its well worth investigating what it can do for you.

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