Sharepoint Conference 2014

Well, its here.

I can honestly say, id not put much thought or planning into my trip to SPC14. Moving house, rather got in the way of that, but i’m now here, and after waking up at unearthly hour of the morning, with the jet lag setting in, I know i’m here.

Staying almost a mile from the convention is cheaper, and to be honest isn’t bad. Las Vegas is, lets just say, an interesting place to visit, and walking to and from the venue is really quite interesting.

The hotel isn’t bad either, in fact is almost as big as my house! and is better equipped.

I even have a walk in wardrobe, which is bigger (i haven’t measured!) than my second become come office at home.

As someone with fairly basic tastes, the whole experience is quite strange, but that doesn’t mean bad. That said, I definitely couldn’t live here full time.

Anyway, the Conference.
The first day of SPC14 is now over and its been good, in quite a geeky kind of way’ We had a presentation from President Bill Clinton, which was interesting, followed by some tech updates from Microsoft.


President Bill Clinton giving the SPC14 Keynote


SPC14 – Developer Keynote

Its clear that their focus for the coming year (and beyond) is the Cloud and Office 365. There is also quite the interest in Yammer! and the social side of working.

I visited a couple of sessions today, but the Jet Lag is really taking its toll, so by 4pm, i was exhausted and gave up. Back to the hotel for a lively night of being asleep, and living to fight another day.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a few sessions booked, and also the ‘Attendee Party’ which is at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.. I’m not the biggest NASCAR fan, but i expect i’m going to enjoy this non the less!

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