OneNote is now Free… Everywhere!!

One piece of news that I picked up on last week is that Microsoft was going to make OneNote free for all, from every device. Well, this morning, that became a reality, alongside OneNote for Mac.

OneNote had been available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android for a while now, but this is the first time its been available for Mac OSX, and about time too.

This has probably been the most underrated Microsoft Office product for some time, and like many I was sceptical about its use a couple of years ago. Now though, I can’t live without it.

OneNote Cloud API
Alongside the release of the free version, comes the news that the OneNote service now includes a new Cloud API, which will allow the development of more and more apps to work with OneNote and make this product even better.

Theres already a whole bunch of apps for OneNote, and I’m sure this list with expand greatly over the coming weeks as developers get hold of it.

Do more with OneNote today

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