Flying to Las Vegas for SPC14

After almost 4 years since I flew, I was a little curious as to how bad it could be and ever conscious of time, I left the village at 2pm, heading to Manchester. First a walk, then a bus into new mills, then the train into Mcr. All told, just over an hour. Great! I thought, but now wast do I do for the next 2 hours before my train to London??

Beer, that’s the answer!

After a swift pint in the pub, I went into the virgin trains lounge, expecting to have a coffee. Champagne?, for free?

Yes, totally free. Well, I don’t have to drive for a week, so why not.

Let’s just say I was nicely relaxed by the time tea time came around and I got on the train.

So, far so good, and as usual, the Virgin first class carriage was pretty quiet, and he food was ok. More free beer and my thoughts of getting a couple of hours work done, completely decimated.

Now , I’m in London it’s a Friday night at 7pm, and I need to get to the other side of the city, to get to the airport.
After a swift Google, it became clear that there were 2 ways, tube cross London and then a train.

It took a while, in fact nearly 2 hours, but i made it through to Gatwick, dropped my luggage with BA and went to the hotel for a pint before bed. Not looking forward to the 6am start and 11 hour flight ahead tomorrow 🙁

My Cottage – settling in

Its now been 2 weeks since i moved into my first home, and its coming together.

I found the first few days quite a bit harder than id expected, and had a few low moments.

It didn’t take long for this to come good though, and i’m now at the point where i’ve been in the house for 14 days and am beginning to see it as mine home. There’s still a long way to go, but its getting there.

The only down side is that im now in the US, spending 9 days away with work. I could really do with spending this time ‘bonding’ with my house.


Office coming along. Still not finished though